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Large Contoured Armrest Shelf

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Ergonomic Dream Adjustable Face Cradle & Memory Foam Pillow

The Patented Ergonomic Dream Adjustable Face Cradle is scientifically designed to properly and comfortably support the human face.

We took hundreds of different face shapes from all over the world to come up with the perfect Ergonomic design – by doing this research and combining all of the various face shapes, we’ve created this unique structure that supports the strongest parts of the face and avoids uncomfortable and negative pressure points.

To complement the innovative design of the Ergonomic Dream Face Cradle we’ve decided to spare no expense on the materials used on the matching Memory Foam Face Pillow -- we use a unique blend of foams, which includes a generous layer of heat-sensitive and pressure-point-relieving Memory Foam that will gently and comfortably wrap around your client’s face, immediately calming them.

Deluxe Carry Case with two Accessory Pockets

This skillfully crafted Carry Case is far from a normal case -- only the best materials were used in its construction.

Includes features like a sturdy Ergonomic shoulder strap, adjustable cross-body straps, three different ergonomically placed reinforced handles that enable balance and easy maneuvering, and two large outside storage compartments for your massage therapy accessories.

All the hardware on the carrying case is made of a heavy metal instead of cheap plastic, increasing its durability and ease of use. It is an effortless and convenient way to store and transport your portable massage table.

Patented Ultra Strong Duo-Plane Hinge

Our patented Duo-Plane hinge is the best way to securely hold the tabletop brace in place. Through our testing we realized that the traditional piano-hinge puts an enormous amount of stress on the wood. The old-style piano-hinge contains many screws on the same plane and when subjected to a large amount of force can start to crack. Our Duo-Plane hinge will ensure the stability and durability of the table frame.

It contains incredible strength and puts minimal stress on the wood, and is far superior versus a traditional piano-hinge.

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